Founded in 2020 to make machine learning technology expressive and useful for musicians.

Recent advancements in machine learning are out of reach to most people—obscured behind confusing jargon, a command line interface and specialized hardware. As programmers and musicians, we knew if we were able to put these capabilities into musicians' hands, they would make something new and incredible with it.

We started developing our first experiments in timbre-transfer and rhythm-generation in 2019. Those first experiments were compelling and exciting, and we felt like we were only getting started.

Since then, we've iterated and expanded, incorporating new capabilities as they emerge while simultaneously developing our own algorithms to solve challenges unique to music creation. Working closely with some incredible musicians and technologists, we are building a modern, collaborative tool for music production.


Yotam Mann

Yotam Mann started learning piano from his grandmother at age seven. 14 years later at UC Berkeley he took a class in Max/MSP where he first heard the music-making potential of making software. He majored in Music and Computer Science and has followed that thread ever since. Yotam is the author of Tone.js, a library for making interactive music in the browser and created some of the world’s-first neural net music plugins for Ableton Live. 

Parag Mital


Parag K. MITAL, Ph.D. (US) is the Chief AI Scientist at Never Before Heard Sounds. He is an Indian American artist and interdisciplinary researcher working between computational arts and machine learning for nearly 20 years. His varied scientific background includes fields such as machine and deep learning, film cognition, eye-tracking studies, EEG and fMRI research. His artistic practice combines generative film experiences, augmented reality hallucinations, and expressive control of large audiovisual corpora, tackling questions of identity, memory, and the nature of perception.


Chris Deaner

Chris Deaner is a musical and technical polymath. He is a world renowned drummer who has toured internationally playing in stadiums and street corners with acts including Kelly Clarkson, +/- {plus/minus}, and Reba McEntire.  As a technologist he was most recently the CTO of Dots, where he led a large engineering team that created the viral game TwoDots which held the attention of millions everyday. 

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